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Over the years, Natural Cosmetics have created handmade natural cosmetics, by the principles of Corneotherapy, for professional use and has received recognition from beauticians of beauty salons and SPA centers. In the compositions of our Skin Care products the modern knowledge about the structure and functions of the skin is combined with the technologies that have proven to be effective

during centuries of experience. Under the new strategy of the company, cosmetics earlier supplied to salons and entirely new products are now proposed for home use according to salons techniques. Our skin care products are fundamentally different from the “mass” cosmetics by combining true naturalness and efficiency. They are also offered at highly affordable prices.

Company history


We started our company with the idea of creating natural beauty products available to everybody. We started with soaps, and the first one was Banana Moon in its cylinder shape, molded from unused drainpipes. Red Rooster was molded in new cat litter trays (don’t worry, they were never used by cats) and Bohemian was made in a window planter.

In 1998 we have finally developed a concept of Natural Cosmetics, which we still use at our every store. This was the moment when we finally gained some recognition not only in California but also in other states. We were working hard on improving our image, and that’s how our professional ethics was born.


During these 7 years, we have achieved great success and were recognized by American and Canadian customers. Our team was awarded “The Best Beauty Store” Award in 2007, and we also opened new stores in Seattle, Ontario, and New York. In 2008, we launched an updated version of our website featuring:

  • New skin care product lines
  • Improved customer support
  • Country-wide delivery system
  • Modern website and online store


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  • Do you have multiple locations?

    We have several locations in all big cities but you can also order directly from our website or call into the store to place a phone order.

  • If I don't live in the United States can I still order online?

    Yes! We offer shipping worldwide. Shipping prices will vary depending on country.

  • How often should I use a facial mask?

    We recommend 1-3 times a week.

  • Why are your facial soaps in a bar not a liquid?

    Liquid facial soap can be too harsh and less effective because the liquids benefits are penetrating into the hands not the face. Our facial soaps are a concentrated small bar so you can apply the soap directly to the face for more effective cleaning.

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Working with us is always an adventure. Whether you’re a part-time sales ambassador, a manager on our manufacturing team or a financial analyst, the culture of our company flows through every area of the business. We work hard because we believe in the beauty of our handmade products.

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